January 2013
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Larry Hahn certainly had no advantages early on in life. He grew up in a rough part of Miami without much in the way of a home-life or family support, and he was more or less on his own from an early age. Like anyone in his situation, he did the best he could to make ends meet and start building a life for himself.

Most of his 20's were spent working whatever odd-jobs he could find, just trying to survive day-to-day. Opportunity was obviously scarce for someone with little or no education, background, or experience. However, despite his disadvantaged situation, Larry still dreamed of success.

"I used to drive around Atlanta's wealthy neighborhoods and wonder what it would be like to have abundance in my life. It seemed so far away from my reality, but I suppose that's why they call it a dream."

Rather than accepting his current reality, Larry held onto his dream and would one day turn it into reality.



For most of his 20's, quite frankly, Larry had no clue how he was ever going to get beyond living day-to-day. How does one with virtually no background ever get a break in life that would allow them make something of themselves? He knew it was up to him to create his own opportunity, and he was determined to do just that.

At the time, Larry's only substantial skill was his knack for getting a hold of basic consumer merchandise at low costs, and then selling them to the public for a small profit. He quickly realized that the only way to turn this skill into a solid business was to show other people how to make money selling these products, put them into business for themselves, and provide them with merchandise on a hand-shake.

Larry founded Scentura Creations in 1975 based on this simple concept, and it has turned his dreams of success into reality. He believes that, "The key to success in this business is to pass the opportunity on to other people!" Over the last 36 years, hundreds of people have been given the opportunity to open their own business with no investment!



Despite a lack of formal education, Larry's intelligence and business savvy are remarkable, evidenced by the fact that his company has been around for 37 years. He has the ability to motivate and inspire an entire room of people with just a few words.

If you were to have a conversation with Larry, he would talk about things like Focus, Determination, Persistence, Hard Work, and so on. He really feels that if he can do it, anyone can. He has the ultimate passion for success, and it shows in everything he does, and everything he talks about.

Those that know him best will tell you that his generosity is endless. He has worked with numerous charities, helped disadvantaged children, and to this day he spends most of his time traveling to different offices around the country helping them grow their business... "I told myself when I was just starting out that if I ever made it, I would spend the rest of my life helping other people."



If you ask Larry, he has his own definition for the word "Success." To him, it's simple: help other people! He's a firm believer that whatever you put out, you'll receive in return, and that your level of success is in direct proportion to how many people you serve.

His face lights up when he talks about all the different people he has watched start with nothing and turn into successful business people living the lives they only dreamed of before. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing he pioneered a business formula that has helped so many people achieve success.

Recently, some of the people he has helped the most put together a Tribute Video, and dedicated it to Larry. Please take few minutes to view all four parts of this video.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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To read more about Larry Hahn and his amazing success story, please visit: Larry-Hahn.com



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